Trial treating stomach cancer

St John of God Murdoch Hospital is the only hospital in Western Australia conducting a trial investigating a new combination of immune-based treatments to treat metastatic gastric and gastroesophageal junction cancer. Lead Investigator Professor Kynan Feeney says the study is testing the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of a combination of new immunotherapy drugs. “We are … Continue reading Trial treating stomach cancer

Understanding adolescence

Looking back on our teenage years can bring back uncomfortable memories for many of us. It can be a time fraught with uncertainty as we struggle with physiological and psychological changes and the transition to independence. As a parent, it can be difficult to know whether your teenager is experiencing the usual challenges of adolescence or whether some professional help might be … Continue reading Understanding adolescence

Ancient practice alleviates pain and brings relaxation

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine in which the practitioner applies pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands or ears, in order to improve general health and wellbeing. Reflexologists believe that certain zones correspond to different organs and providing pressure to these areas has a positive effect on the organs and ultimately, overall health. Although reflexology is … Continue reading Ancient practice alleviates pain and brings relaxation

When sports lead to injuries

Dr Paul Bailey, Director of St John of God Murdoch Private Emergency Department, gives us his tips on what to do when you have a sports-related injury. "Our love of sport in Australia is a defining characteristic of our culture – and it’s not just elite level sport – Aussies are great participators! From our early primary school years until we’re elderly, … Continue reading When sports lead to injuries